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Featured Project: On Line Neighborhood Watch
I have a 4 camera security camera setup, two cameras point to the street outside where a camera on the shed sees the traffic coming and another on the back of the shed sees traffic going. Since we live at the end of a dead-end street, the neighborhood gets in ... (continued)

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... (continues)

... (continues)

... (continues)

... (continues)

... (continues)

... (continues)

An affordable Logic Analyzer for the workbench.
Add a 100MHz 32 channel Logic Analyzer to your workbenc ... (continues)

Arduino Development VS PicAxe Development
Here we take a look at the development boards available ... (continues)

Autonomous Robot Built From Power Chair Wheelchair
By now you may have noticed the videos and projects inv ... (continues)

Autonomous Robot PVC "Pickup Truck"
I built this robot over many variations, most of which ... (continues)

it`s cool ... (continues)

BeagleBone Black plus Web Browser Equals Homebuilt Robot Control
Subtitle here should be, "Part 2a, Roboteer`s Guid ... (continues)

BEAM BOT: HexBug Exposed!
When it goes, it goes like this... Forward motion unti ... (continues)

Buggy Bot: Wire Frame Bot Body
This is a project I call the buggyBot, not because it w ... (continues)

Build a Respectable Autonomous Robot
You can build your own autonomous Robot by following th ... (continues)

Build a Robot From A Power Wheelchair
I bought a power wheelchair with the idea it was the be ... (continues)

Build a Robot From A Power Wheelchair Part Two: Sensors
As situations would have it, I have installed and teste ... (continues)

Build a Robot In 5 Minutes
SimpleBot the 5 Minutes to Build Robot. This is `the b ... (continues)

Build the L298 H-Bridge Motor Control
This is a how-to video for building an L298 Dual H-Brid ... (continues)

Build This Website
It could tie into what you are proposing. Each entry in ... (continues)

Build Your Own Track Drive Robot
Describes how to "build one of these" yoursel ... (continues)

Building an RFL Inspired Upright Robot Base
This is my version of (at least) the base of an RFL upr ... (continues)

Bumps And Swivels, Robot Build It Tips and Tricks
Bumps and swivels I`ve run into while trying to build s ... (continues)

Butler, a low-cost mobile robot base
Butler is about a 20 inches wide and 8 inches to the to ... (continues)

Converting a Flashlight to LED
How to convert a standard incandescent flashlight to an ... (continues)

CwhatIcanDo Specs: RC2
What about Really separating Creators from just comment ... (continues)

CwhatIcanDo Website allows everyone to view the results of ... (continues)

DogBot the Robo Dog : Robotic WatchDog
DogBot is my first robotic dog project. I was inspir ... (continues)

Droid From Motorola :: A Robot ?
It`s been a while since I created a new project for Cwh ... (continues)

Easy Cheap Robot Weekend Project
Convert an old broken down Rumble Bot into a wandering ... (continues)

HELP :: How To Create a Project
To Create A New C What I Can Do Project. * SignUp for ... (continues)

henryMLYV ... (continues)

Home Installation of a 4 Section In-Ground Batting Cage
Installation instructions for a 4 section in-ground bat ... (continues)

Home Project: MUTE TV Wearable TV Muter!
Yes, you can build your own muter. I built one in a bu ... (continues)

Homework Pencil!
This Pencil Could Do Your Homework For You... Don`t Eve ... (continues)

How To Build a Robot in a Box
Low-Cost, super simple robot you can build yourself in ... (continues)

How to build simple analog balancing robots
One 555 timer and a couple of parts and you get a balan ... (continues)

How To Make A Virtual Robot in FLASH
I build robots. Little electromechanical machines that ... (continues)

I Think I want To Start a Business
The App provides four major areas to help you create a ... (continues)

i-Mon App
This is the i-Mon App. Yup another software applicatio ... (continues)

Inside Ping))) - Like Ultrasonic Senders Receivers
40 kHz get used to it. It`s the frequency of the ultr ... (continues)

Light A 5X7 LED Matrix with picAxe 18M2
This project grew out of an idea I got when I found a c ... (continues)

Making Music With Clam Shells
Hello, Dr Zoidberg again. I was trying to figure out wh ... (continues)

Morphibian Land Shark
I picked up one of these without a controller for $5 b ... (continues)

Multi Media Messaging Device
This is just a placeHolder for a project with "mul ... (continues)

On Line Neighborhood Watch
I have a 4 camera security camera setup, two cameras po ... (continues)

Operation of the Tri-Bot From Wowwee!
This video describes the first experience operating the ... (continues)

picAxe 14m Motor Driver Board: Make Your Own
Both motor speed and direction are easily controlled us ... (continues)

picAxe 18m2 for robotics
I have obtained a pixAxe 18m2 to replace an 18x I was ... (continues)

picAxe 8 bit Motor Controller: Look Inside
The low-cost picAxe Motor Controller allows you to buil ... (continues)

picaxe 8m: Wall Follower Mouse gets Majorly Modded
Take a PicAxe brain, add an infrared "whisker" ... (continues)

The mighty Ping))) ruled the earth until along came the ... (continues)

qko ... (continues)

Remote controlled picaxe 08m robot
Here is a robot project that uses the picaxe 08m with a ... (continues)

RFL Robot Out Of The Box Experience
From thanking the Post Office guy for delivering the sh ... (continues)

. ... (continues)

Robot Basics
I`m calling this robot basics, but I`m leaning to more ... (continues)

Robot Man: With Robot Demos
Hello. This is WeRbots, with the robot videos, you know ... (continues)

Roboteer`s Guide to BeagleBone Black
I feel like I`ve combed the earth for the "just ri ... (continues)

Robots Almost Anyone Can Afford
Build yourself a fun obstacle avoiding robot that drive ... (continues)

Scare Crow - For Modern Gardens - Home Project
It`s a robotic, sun-powered, holographic scare crow. Y ... (continues)

Spy Gear Trakr Linux Powered Robot with Video Feedback
Here`s one for us hackers and modders! Linux powered r ... (continues)

Tour This Website
This is a pretty complex site when you decide to become ... (continues)

Tricycle Robot Gets Around - Building Alternative Experiments:
With a single motor and a single servo, you end up with ... (continues)

Twenty Buck Power Wheel Chair Wireless Remote Control
Now that I spent some time "robotizing" a whe ... (continues)

Weekend Project: Get Started With Robots
Robots you can build in a weekend. If you spend a wee ... (continues)

Wheelchair Works 3 Ways: Manual, R/C, and Autonomous
This is sort of a "final" attempt to make pow ... (continues)

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Web Frame Work
Robo Quad
picAxe 08m
Twin Motor Gearbox
Andrei And Jim
Web Developers
Scribbler Robot
L 298 Compact Motor Driver Kit
Account On CwhatIcanDo
Microrobot Avoider Jr
picAxe 14m
Wall Hugging Mouse
Brilliant Blue/Green LED
$1.00 (4)
PICAXE 8 Pin Motor Driver Board
Tracked Vehicle Chassis Kit
Twin Motor Gearbox
PICAXE 8 Pin Motor Driver Board
Infrared Proximity Sensor Short Range - Sharp GP2D120XJ00F
PICAXE 8 Pin Motor Driver Board
Infrared Proximity Sensor Short Range - Sharp GP2D120XJ00F
Gear Motor 2 - 224:1 Offset Shaft
4 X AA Cell battery holder plus on/off switch
PICAXE 8 Pin Motor Driver Board
Infrared Proximity Sensor Short Range - Sharp GP2D120XJ00F
4 Section In-Ground Batting Net
Any TV remote compatible
Butterfly Lite
Gadget Factory
picAxe 08m
picAxe 08m
Transformer 1k:8 ohm
PICAXE 8 Pin Motor Driver Board
Rumble Bot
Morphibian Land Shark
Kid Galaxy
SCC2433-B solar cell
3 VDC Motor
bamboo or dowels
Mylar Film W hologram
garden centers
picAxe 18x
Parallax (Futaba) Continuous Rotation Servo
futaba (modified)
Parallax (Futaba) Standard Servo
Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR
wild planet
picAxe 18m2
PICAXE 8 Pin Motor Driver Board
picAxe 08m
L298 Compact Motor Driver
Infrared Proximity Sensor Short Range - Sharp GP2D120XJ00F
Picaxe 18M2 IC
PICAXE 18 Pin Power Project Board
PICAXE 18M2 Microcontroller
H-Bridge Motor Driver 1A
PICAXE USB Protoboard
PH Anderson
Arduino Uno
cable For Uno
Jameco ValuePro
Solderless Breadboard For Uno
Jameco Valupro
USB 2/0Video Capture Device
CD4066 Quad Switch
picAxe 08m
Eurocard IC Pattern
40 kHz Weatherproof Transducer
Audiowell Electronics
PICAXE 18M2 Microcontroller
Power Amplifier
ST Micro
H-Bridge Motor Driver 1A
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